A Little Fun with Background Stamping

Hey Stampers,

Today I wanted to talk about a way to get a little more mileage out of your stamps. Anytime I can find a new technique to use with what I already have, I’m thrilled. Undoubtedly, you have some smaller stamps (or even some choice larger ones) that would lend themselves to this technique. You don’t need any special tools, just a few stamps and inks and maybe an acrylic block (if you aren’t using wood-mounted stamps).


I find that the majority of the backgrounds that I make are floral, so that’s what you’ll see in my examples, but you can make any kind of pattern you’d like.

I start with a smooth, solid colored piece of paper that’s cut to fit my card base. For these examples, I used whisper white cardstock. I’ll select my stamps and ink colors based on my card theme and color scheme and play with a basic design on a piece of scrap paper.

Regardless of the relationship (pattern) I determine I want, I always work from one corner (top left for me) to the opposite corner. I find that working in a diagonal pattern keeps me from ending up with awkward blank spaces. I start stamping in the corner and then alternate my stamps across the paper until my background is complete. Don’t be afraid to stamp all the way off the page! I find that it gives my background a “finished” look (like you cut it from a larger piece of paper).


If you have any questions about today’s technique, send me a message or leave a comment below. Happy Stamping!


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